N'Wambu Safari Lodge
Safe & Clean Commitment

COVID-19 Safe and Clean Commitment

Plan your future business stay with us and book with peace of mind knowing that we have enhanced our cleaning practices, guest interactions and workplace protocols to address the hygiene challenges presented by COVID-19 at ALL our properties. We are ensuring that all WHO required sanitation standards are being followed meticulously.

Accommodations at our respective properties offer privacy and safety, rendering contact with staff to an absolute minimum, if not almost contactless stay in accordance with stringent health and safety regulations.

For guests requiring interaction, distant but warm hospitable guest contact will be practiced. To alleviate the risk of transmission, continuous and stringent social distancing etiquette will be implemented between guest and housekeeper to reduce person-to-person contact.

Housekeeping safety and hygiene standards have been enhanced, including linen that will be washed at between 40- and 60-degrees to effectively destroy bacteria.

To further safe guard our guests, smart guest interaction with contactless housekeeping will be encouraged. To ensure a hygienic environment, our fully trained and protected housekeeper will clean and sanitize only when guests are not occupying a space.

At Elite Residences, we care about the health and safety of every guest and staff member. Your wellbeing has, and will always be our utmost priority and are fully committed to your protection without compromising the quality of experience when you stay with us.

When the time is right, we’ll be waiting to welcome you back to our diverse collection of distinctive properties with the warm hospitality you’ve come to know us for.

Where can I find more information?

Please visit the World Health Organisation, National Institute for Communicable Diseases and Department of Health Covid-19 Online Resource & News Portal for more information